Show #23: Train your brain to not procrastinate!


In keeping with the last show of 2016 being on goal setting, the first show this year is on training our brains to not procrastinate, with some delightfully nerdy facts and hacks from neuroscientist Dr Fiona Kerr who explains all things brain in such insightful, totally understandable ways. She shows us how we can build up a resistance to procrastination and become immune to it over time, by gently training our brains to become doers. Learn some truly practical ways to stop putting things off and start your year feeling accomplished and strong in the face of distraction.
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Dr Fiona Kerr is no stranger to the Low Tox Life podcast. Her episode she recorded earlier this year on sleep was so popular I simply had to have her back again to talk about procrastination.
Dr Kerr takes us through some fascinating concepts in this podcast including –
  • The concept of willpower as a muscle, one that can be flexed, strengthened and improved
  • What actually happens when we procrastinate? Dr Kerr defines the difference between escaping and avoiding
  • Understanding why we procrastinate – Hint: We tend to do easy things first and procrastinate over harder things
  • The concept of procrastination as a habit – which is great because habits can be broken
  • Short and sharp remedies for procrastination including jogging on the spot to help you burn off cortisol
  • Tips we need reminding about – like how 5 minutes on Facebook is not a break. It’s procrastination
  • Tips on how to be still and how to get comfortable with experiencing nothing
  • How to train yourself out of low willpower moments
  • Knowing the difference between taking a rest and avoiding a task altogether
  • The importance of not making big decisions when you’re hungry or tired
  • The magic of cued behaviour and how you can break bad cycles


Pick one of your cued procrastination behaviours and nip it in the bud! If you find yourself scrolling through Facebook for 5 minutes every time you sit down or hitting the snooze button 7 times every morning take the time this week to concentrate on breaking that habit. Make it your week’s focus – to kick your worst procrastination habit to the curb!

So no more of this, right? Well… slowly slowly but hopefully after today’s show you can feel a new possibility to kicking procrastination.

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  1. Dr. Kerr’s comment about doing things outside of your comfort zone (i.e. using your left hand more if you are right handed) reminded me about a book I read a several years ago called “Stumbling On Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert. In the book he talks about how people who tend to make frequent micro changes in their daily activities (ex. taking a different way to work each day) tend to be happier. What Dr. Kerr and Daniel Gilbert are both saying must be related in some way!

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