Real Food Rockstars: In conversation with Jude Blereau and Holly Davis

There are two wholefood legends coming to Sydney next week: Jude Blereau and Holly Davis. Facebook doesn’t really like promoting events, and it shows on average 800 people of the 36,000 of us when I post one, so I thought to my self: How do I:

a) Let people know about these wonderful workshops coming up where they’ll actually see it…

b) Add value to the lives of EVERYONE in my community at the same time, regardless of where they live.

ANSWER? Have a wonderful conversation with two Australian wholefood legends Jude Blereau and Holly Davis, record it, and share it for all to listen to. How does that sound?

So whether it’s tonight or later on, you will so enjoy pouring yourself a tea or two and having a listen to our chat.




A classic Jude baking action shot







holly-davisHolly Davis action shot









Starting 6th November over a week, choose from short ‘busy days’ family meal cooking, or short evening or afternoon workshops, right through to a 4 day wholefood intensive. It’s a must. There are no better teachers in the real food world. They have seen it all, they’ve witnessed the pros of general awareness for wholefoods, and the cons of the fractionalised fad diets and they keep it, 100% real. Real simple. Real cost effective. Real education. Real deliciousness. Obviously, I can’t recommend them enough if you hadn’t picked up on that yet. They started the wholefood movement in Australia before the movement even knew it existed. Jude’s book “Wholefood for Children” is the best children’s nutrition and recipe book around and had a huge effect on my awakening, along with no doubt, many who now work and teach in this space. Holly was responsible for the famed health brand IKU and made healthy, convenient wholefood available in city centre spaces filled with fakeness at every turn.

Enjoy the chat and if you’re in Sydney, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from them up close and ask stacks of questions.

To keep in touch with both of their work and upcoming events in other states,

Jude is here

Holly is here

If you don’t have any of their books yet, you’re in for a treat – literally!

Real Food. Health Mindset. Happy Bodies.


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