Show #102: Men’s health part 2 – Brain + Heart with Dr Ralph Esposito


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And onto this week’s show!

My first show with Dr Ralph Esposito was so popular we’ve just had to do a part 2 on men’s health (Catch the first Men’s health feature on SHOW 91. I hope you enjoy as we dig into more men’s health topics that matter to you as polled in the Low Tox Life Club which you can join via Patreon. AND of course in true low tox conversation style, we tangent a couple of times for good measure. Enjoy the show!

Dr Ralph’s bio:

Dr. Esposito specialises in hormones, integrative urology and men’s health. His precise and personalised style embodies a progressive approach to medicine. He has been published and is a peer reviewer in well-respected medical journals. Furthermore, Dr. Esposito has authored several medical textbook chapters and has designed education modules for health professionals specifically on urological conditions, fertility, male and female hormone dysfunction, Low Testosterone, exercise, fitness, men’s health and sexual dysfunction. He has trained at NYU Integrative and Functional Urology Center. Dr. Esposito also holds a position as adjunct professor at New York University where he lectures on integrative medicine.

What do we cover in the show?

  1. Cholesterol – when to worry and what to do if your doc recommends statins and make an informed decision.

  2. FATS: Is it one size fits all or are some better suited to sat fats than others and others Mediterranean omegas / olive oil? (ie should everyone be running to the store for coconut oil or for some is that not the best way forward?)

  3. Belly fat: Seems that when a man gets a little lax on the lifestyle front, the belly cops it first: Why does that happen? Why a big tummy ain’t ok long term and what best to do to reduce belly fat in men?

  4. Man Boobs or Moobs as I heard them called the other day: Too much estrogen? How do our men sort those out?

  5. Is intermittent fasting good for all / certain situations where best not? And how is IF different for men / women?

  6. Best way for a man to build muscle mass / reduce fat and maintain?

  7. Brain health: We see the stats on alzheimer’s and this one has hit home for me recently with a friend’s husband having early onset AD – what are some of the key stressors to the body / brain in our earlier years that can set us up for a stronger disposition to AD / Dementia?  What are some of the best things men (specifically or say ‘for both men and women if yes) can do to grow older with a strong brain leading the charge?

Other helpful links?

Find out more about Dr Ralph connect with him on Instagram @dr.ralphesposito and on Twitter

And the studies he mentioned on cholesterol and Berberine are and


Enjoy the show and thanks again for taking the time to rate and review the show on your app – it’s like tipping the bartender and it means the world.

Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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