Show #104: Meet Pebble founder, Georgina Wilson-Powell



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And onto this week’s bonus show!

I’ve popped a bonus show on today because we’ve found this wonderful online publication that’s branching out into ethical city guides too, called Pebble. Georgina Wilson-Powell is the founder and it was wonderful to discuss how she came to realise that Pebble needed to happen, and what they’re doing to be the change as a publication and share inspiring resources, ethical brands and more, to connect the low tox peeps out there in the world to the kind of investments they want to make for a better world – through something as simple as our wardrobe and more! We talk B Corps, Zero Waste, Permaculture, ethical city guides and more and I hope you take time to connect to Pebble if it’s something up your alley.


Here are the questions I asked Georgina:

  1. Were you always a sustainable living love child or were there aha’s along the way that landed you here?

  2. You’ve been a journalist for many years, covering all sorts of places around the world. How do you see that time / some examples over that time, shaping your desire to develop a stronger case for sustainable living? (anything that shocked or confronted over the years… “this has to change” kind of feelings)

  3. What gave you the courage to leap from working for others to starting Pebble?

  4. I see Pebble is en route to becoming the first digital mag in the UK to become a BCorp – for those who don’t know what being a BCorp is, share a little about it and why you felt it was important to make that commitment ?

  5. Let’s talk some of the things you cover in the mag for people?

  6. Zero waste: Trendy sure, but not always easy for urban dwellers: How have you gone about approaching zero waste principals in your own life?

  7. Fashion… similar situation, right? What are some of the things you’ve changed around slowing your fashion down and trading to transparency? Anything you haven’t quite nailed yet that you’re working on when it comes to fashion?

  8. Can you share a story or two about eco tourism / green travel that have stood out… places you’ve covered and why they went to the top of your list?

  9. Permaculture: Couple of q’s here speaking to your passion for it / what permaculture principles your favourites and non negotiables are in your own life…

  10. Pebble wrap up questions: What’s next? What are your big scary goals as a digital mag?

  11. If someone was feeling overwhelmed by everything they felt they had to change after reading one of your issues… where would you tell them to start?

  12. How do we get our friends to care?

Other helpful links?

Find out more about Pebble Magazine here

You can find her on Instagram @pebblemagazine or Facebook



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