Show #125: Supporting children’s attention spans with Dr Leila Masson





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And onto this week’s show!

Does your child have trouble focusing? Can they concentrate easily for the appropriate time for their age or is it always a struggle? In this week’s show, I invite the wonderful integrative paediatrician Dr Leila Masson back onto the show (and if you didn’t catch show #7 right back at the beginning, our show on hidden deficiencies has been a game changers for people – adults AND children all around the world so go check it out too!). In this show, Leila reminds us of what our children need psychologically and physiologically to thrive and be able to focus and concentrate as they grow older. We talk about her top lifestyle adjustments if you have a child who finds focus and concentrating difficult, as well as when to know if clinical intervention is required. So often we head straight for the doctor and while of course that’d keep Leila very busy if we did, she’s so passionate about reminding us of all we can do to support our children outside of the doctor’s office – and classroom!


Dr Leila Masson is a Paediatrician and lactation consultant – she specialises in: Austism Spectrum Disorders / ADHD / behaviour problems / recurrent infections / breastfeeding / allergies.



The framework for my chat with Leila:  

  • When to know children are actually having an ‘issue’ that requires attention vs just being fidgety young people who want to be running around not sitting and learning (particularly boys but not exclusively)
  • What are some of the uncovered causes of common issues in today’s kids?
  • How do environmental toxins show up in kids?
  • How do we help them heal from exposures to environmental toxins?


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Dr Leila and I will be presenting at the next Mindd International Forum in March which will cover all about the latest foods, products and treatments for optimal health!
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