Show #176 – The ins and outs of colonics with Zhenya Gerson


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And onto this week’s show!

In this week’s show as a part of our health series, we’re talking to Zhenya Gerson about poop – specifically in the context of colonics and enema, with a practitioner who has multiple top doctors referring to her here in Sydney. There’s a lot of fear and stigma around using colonics, so I thought I’d get the low down – and yes, everything seems to have a double entendre right now! We talk about colonics, when they’re for, how often to get them, who shouldn’t get them, whether kids can do them, the difference between colonics and enema and whether to source a place that allows you to be in the room alone or with a therapist guiding you. If you’ve been wondering about the benefits of colonics, this is one to listen to! Enjoy the show and as always, you can find the sponsor offer and further details down below.

The Questions I asked Zhenya:

Let’s start with your background… 

  • In the work that you’ve done, at what point did you become interested in poop/digestion?
  • There seems to be a big prevalence of gut/bowel inflammation these days. Can we talk about what diverticulitis/Chron’s/proctitis/colitis etc are in brief and the differences? then some basic gut healing strategies? 
  • Then let’s talk about colonics vs enemas – the pros and cons and when you’d opt for which in terms of scenario. 
  • Then lifestyle options that best support optimal gut function and practitioner intervention troubleshooting when the basics don’t help things along much, which is sometimes the case? 
  • Confusion when one thing works for one person yet not the other – strategies for knowing if one is on the right track when one begins treatments of various kinds? 
  • Do you believe extensive testing can be helpful when there are multiple factors?



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