Show #177 – Asha Evertsz on Skin Health – Part 2


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And onto this week’s show!

Do you have skin challenges? Enter part 2 on the skin with Asha Evertsz, Naturopath, beauty therapist and dermal scientist who truly knows her skin. After our interview last year there were still so many questions left to ask and so Asha is back. This week we talk about the gut/skin/brain connection and how these systems talk to each other. We also discuss post-pill acne, rosacea, milia, stretch marks, and collagen supplementation. I hope you enjoy the show!

The Framework for our discussion:

– the gut/skin/brain axis connection

– the relevance of gut health in skin conditions and ageing 10-15 mins

– Rosacea

– Darkening ‘spots/patches’ and their link to hormones/other factors?

– Post-pill acne

– Healthy ageing – fine feathery lines vs deeper wrinkles, how best to support both in joining us a lil’ slower

– treatments for acne scarring from the past, including keloid scarring and how to address it best

– What can we do about those little white cysts that can come up from time to time?

– stretch marks



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