Show #179 – Mental Health First Aid Tips with Pippa Baker


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And onto this week’s show!

What do you do when your bridesmaid ends their life? This week’s show, Pippa Baker processed her grief, and moved through it to the point where she asked herself: What can I do to help people before they get to the point where they feel they’ve no other option? How can we prevent this? Pippa is now a Principal Master Instructor with Mental Health First Aid Australia having run hundreds of workshops for people to navigate their own mental health challenges as well as be the supportive someone for others who are struggling. Today we discuss powerful lifestyle support for keeping a healthy mind as well as how to interact with people in your life who you think might not be letting on how they’re struggling in life at the moment, and if you’re someone struggling, how to start reaching out more and earlier and break the stigma. It’s a highly practical show and I hope you find it as useful as I did.

The questions I asked Pippa:

  • What made mental health first aid your calling? 
  • How did your bridesmaid taking her life have you questioning your ability to be a good friend? 
  • How do we let people sit with people’s problems – our kids, our adult friends, and family – without trying to ‘move it on’ too fast?
  • What is Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)? Why is it a good idea to do it?
  • Learning signs, symptoms, and interventions for mental health problems
  • How to approach, assess and assist someone you’re concerned about
  • How to listen and communicate with empathy
  • Where effective help is available
  • What other supports the person may have
  • Lack of Exercise, Drugs/Alc use, and Poor Gut Health set us up on the back foot for mental health challenges.
  • Mental health is on a continuum – nobody is happy all the time
  • Anxiety and Depression – there’s shame in the medication not working, right?
  • What can we do when anxiety creeps in?
  • Early intervention is key to preventing mental health issues worsening; you wouldn’t keep walking on a broken leg, but we do this with our mental health often
  • Gratitude practice and its benefits on wellbeing  – Martin Seligman and PERMA. Linking this with how one can build resilience


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