Show #183 – Dr Jade Teta: Muscle, Metabolism, Mindset


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And onto this week’s show!

How’s your relationship with your metabolism going? Are you the person who feels like none of the diets seem to work for you, while you look on at a friend who dropped 6 pounds in a week doing the exact same thing? This is going to be a transformative show, in that case. Dr Jade Teta is an inspiring student of life, an author, and a naturopathic doctor. He’s a teacher through and through in the way he helps distil difficult concepts and situations into information you can confidently move forward with. While his speciality as a doctor is integrative endocrinology (the study and treatment of hormones and metabolism) he is passionate about exercise, strength, life coaching and philosophy.

I hope you enjoy this interview where Jade helps us demystify metabolism, muscle, calories and hormones to help you feel your best and keep your SCHMEK in check (that’ll make sense after the show!) Enjoy and head over to the show notes for the sponsor offer and further details on Jade’s work below.

The questions I asked Jade:

  • You teach 3 distinct areas: Mind, Muscle & Metabolism How best can you describe the path to how you’ve arrived at those focuses either through personal experience or medical practice/coaching experience. Let’s start with MIND… then continue onto muscle/meta. 
  • It’s a world where we think we ‘know’ what to do more than ever, yet there’s more inaction than ever: How do we most effectively take knowledge into action? And in the case of something like diet, how the heck do we decode what works for us bio individually in this noisy world and with the many variables at play? 
  • Muscle: When we’re young to when we’re older: How do we best protect and grow muscle? How do our hormones impact muscle gain? I loved your post on Metabolic “Prehab” as you call it – can you talk us through what this is and why it’s more effective than going all in all at once, 100%? 
  • What does science show us about the importance of muscle as we age? 
  • Why are we so confused about metabolism? Can we talk 101 and your 4 M’s and move into optimisation and discuss the 4 toggles/eat to fuel your body rather than the eat less/exercise more adage, and metabolism using the nervous system and hormones to function optimally…
  • You say food is a complex bundle of instructions to your metabolism: How do we get it to make the instructions SUPER CLEAR? 
  • And calories – we’ve had so many health professionals tell us recently that calories in/out means nothing, but you’re saying yes, calories matter… 
  • What frustrates you about bandwagon diets and all the different ‘expert opinions and books’ that come out with ‘a diet’? 
  • And finally: “Fake it to you make it” vs “Be it till you See it” – what’s the power of the nuance here? 

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  1. This was amazing …. Dr. Jade provided such valuable information and explained so much. He has made me realize exactly what I have been doing wrong with eating and exercise all these years.

    1. Post

      So glad you loved the show Stacie – I loved bringing Jade to the community. He’s awesome! Enjoy changing things up x

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