Show #190 – Resetting your metabolism with Dr Alan Christianson


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And onto this week’s show!

This week I have Dr Alan Christianson on the show talking dietary research, metabolism, thyroid, and iodine. Alan is a naturopathic physician who shares the vulnerability of his own struggles with weight at a young age (read his full story in the show notes – what a tale!) and why that formed his passion for helping people feel themselves using all tools and research available. It’s a great interview from which I know you will learn so much, as I did. Enjoy and head to the shownotes over at and click on today’s show!

The Questions I asked Alan:

  • How does naturopathic/integrative endocrinology differ from allopathic endocrinology so people get a picture of the overlaps and differences?
  • Your book “The metabolism reset diet” is one I’m personally just getting started on and I’m really excited to share it with listeners. I’m recovering from CIRS and my metabolism has become terrible through that illness, compounded perhaps by entering the perimenopausal phase but there are a lot of reasons our metabolism can stop feeling like it’s on our team… SO: Metabolism: Can we get a 101?
  • Recent research has shown that high blood sugar is actually caused by damage to the pancreas and liver, which is why some people still struggle with weight loss and high blood sugar, even if they cut out sugar and carbs.
  • So is that why some people look at a piece of cheesecake in the cafe window and store fat and others eat a slice and store nothing?
  • How does metabolism differ for men/women?
  • How does metabolism differ from external factors (environmental) and internal (hormones changing/age/stress fluctuations)
  • How have you come to prescribe food for people/what factors help you decide what for whom and perhaps when?
  • What do you recommend to people to support them in intuitively finding the best foods for them, with all the dietary confusion out there?
  • A personal question: You log/journal your food: Why?
  • What is the single biggest thing people could do to get on the same team as their metabolism today do you think?
  • And now onto Supplementation – I appreciate how much research you do to inform your clinic’s use of supplementation: What worries you about self-prescribing vitamins and herbs out there.
  • Let’s talk about a couple of common vitamins/herbs/oils that we can overdo and what overdoing it can potentially look like?
  • And onto what you’ve been hard at work on – your next book: What can we expect? Is there a gem of advice/a piece of research that has been thrilling to you to share in this book that’s going to support people to become their healthiest selves?


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His lovely book, “The Metabolism Reset Diet” is available in Booktopia and the Book Depository.


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