Show #203 – The World of Colour Psychology with Karen Haller


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And onto this week’s show!

On this week’s show, I interview global expert on colour, the colour psychologist Karen Haller and boy was it a fascinating deep dive into the significance of colour in our lives – Have you got a colour you have ‘never liked?’ or are you a lover of brights or muted tones? Learn why pink and boy became our gender stereotype colours; why black isn’t actually slimming; how an event in childhood can have you hating a colour for decades unnecessarily; learn how different cultures perceive and catalogue colour and ultimately learn about yourself and your own relationship to colour. Karen also talks about how to tune into colour for comfort and security when uncertainty and low points in life come along. She is the author of the hugely successful The Little Book of Colour: How to Use the Power of Colour to Transform Your Life.

The Questions I asked Karen:

  1. What is colour psychology and how did you come to be the global authority on such a subject?
  2. How can we use colour to support our lives in a positive way given what’s going on in the world right now? Will using brighter, happier colours really make us feel better?
  3. Where do we start, getting to know ourselves better through our colour choices/patterns and what altering them might do for us? Is this journey indeed an exploration of the self, rather than a simple exercise in ‘what colours make me feel good?’
  4. What happens when we ‘see’ colour physiologically/psychologically?
  5. Something you talked about in your book was how different cultures see colour and something I found fascinating was that just because a language has less words to describe colours, doesn’t mean they see ‘less’ of them, in fact, there’s evidence to suggest the opposite is true: Can you talk about what you found there? 
  6. Curious – because you’ve talked also about this in your book – why is pink for girls and blue for boys? 
  7. Can we talk about the positive/adverse effects of a couple of different colours? 
  8. One of the first things we know about someone is their favourite/least favourite colour – why is that? What can that say about us/others? 
  9. How do some people come to adore bright colours and lots of them and others prefer calm muted tones? Do you find people change over their life’s seasons also? 
  10. Do you have a colour you hate? Can we look at my one colour I hate and what that means?
  11. With us experiencing everything that goes with a global pandemic (having to stay at home and the rise of stress, anxiety etc) how can we use colour to our psychological advantage?

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