Show #80: Dr Steven Lin and The Dental Diet


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For nearly a century we’ve been told that fluoride is the key to not getting tooth decay, and while there’s some research to suggest targeted topical benefit, the real reason for great healthy teeth is exactly what maintains a great healthy body: largely? It’s FOOD. Dr Steven Lin is fresh off his US tour promoting the book and shares an abundance of interesting facts about our teeth, gums, disease, and the myths that orthodontics and getting your wisdom teeth out are just part and parcel of life!

Dr. Steven Lin is currently the Principal Dentist at Luminous Dentistry, a dental practice on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, that strives to give individuals of all ages the best possible smile.

Here’s a little snapshot of the juicy bits in today’s episode…

  • It’s been shown that 85% of people who have heart attacks have gum disease – and although we don’t know the causation yet, it’s proof that the mouth reveals a lot about the body’s state of health. The same goes with Type 2 diabetes, cases of gum disease are worst if you have insulin resistance.
  • Gum disease is a type of autoimmune condition that research has linked to gut issues. Gut lining impairment or imbalances in gut flora, which put a strain on the immune system, have been linked to gum disease.
  • When it comes to crooked teeth, as Weston A. Price discovered with his work on the impact of nutrition on the mouth and teeth, the change in our diets over the last few decades has massively impacted our jaws’ structure. Jaws don’t grow large enough these days to make space for all the teeth hence why a growing number of children and adults need to have braces. However braces are only addressing the symptoms but not looking at the root cause.
  • Teeth alignment and even jaw correction can be achieved in children (and has recently been achieved in adults too) with a diet dense in key nutrients such as fat soluble vitamins, rich in fibers and poor in sugar. Nasal breathing, with the tongue positioned at the roof of the mouth and mouth closed will also help naturally straighten teeth, especially in children.
  • Deep nasal breathing is essential  to get effective oxygen inside the body. Breathing through your nose during the night while you sleep is essential to wake up feeling refreshed, and ready to get on with your day.
  • Make sure your diet is rich in fats and key vitamins. Egg yolks and organ meats in particular such as liver are a powerhouse of key nutrients. As a general rule, look for fatty cuts of meat, as they’re the most nutrient dense part of the animal together with the collagen found in the bones. Fat soluble vitamins are the absolute key nutrients: Vitamin A, D, E and K. We need to ensure we focus on eating foods that are rich in these vitamins and supplement if required. Specific vitamins such as K2 help carry calcium to bones and teeth and it’s important to ensure they’re well supplemented and well absorbed.
  • Pay attention to calculus – the thicker the plaque at the bottom of your front teeth, the more you should pay attention to your intake of calcium and correct absorption..
  • Fluoride is not necessary to prevent tooth decay – nutrition and all the other things above are so much more important. Fluoride is the modern treatment that we have but it does come with side effects. Look at other factors first and you won’t need fluoride.


And here are a few extra important resources:

You can find more information about Dr Steven Lin HERE

Get a copy of his book “The Dental Diet” HERE

The book from Weston A. Price “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” can be found HERE.


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