Show #96: the history and magic of SEEDS with author Carolyn Fry


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And onto this week’s show!

This week I welcome author and journalist Carolyn Fry onto the show. Didn’t think you could listen to 45 minutes talking about seeds? Think again! Carolyn has authored 6 books on natural history, conservation and science and is the former editor of Geographical, the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society. It is such a pleasure taking a look at how seeds have evolved and how we’ve evolved because of them and I hope you enjoy the show.

This is Carolyn’s bio:

Carolyn Fry is a UK-based writer and journalist specialising in science, conservation and natural history. She has written many books covering climate change, botanical explorers and plant science. Carolyn’s book Seeds: Safeguarding Our Future (Ivy Press) won the coveted Environmental Award at the Garden Media Guild Awards 2016.


What questions do I ask Carolyn this week?

  1. What sparked the thought that this book needed to be in the world?

  2. Were you always personally interested in nature and seeds growing up or was it something born from an experience at some point – an aha?

  3. When you look at early human history, in the book you talk about how we ‘walked to a better diet’ – can you share a little about what you mean there?

  4. How did shifting from hunter gatherer to seed-sowing cause a population boom?  (BIG tangent here too that’s fascinating!)

  5. And what did cooking our food do for us in the early days?

  6. How did seeds transform the way we feed ourselves?

  7. How are some of the ways that seeds spread?

  8. How have we changed seeds since we started cultivating them?

  9. What is so important about seed conservation, classification and ‘banking’?

  10. Tell us the story of the first seed scientist Nikolai Vavilov. He saw in seeds so much more than anyone saw at the time – a true pioneer.

  11. Now you talk about a lot of different seeds and types of seeds in the book and while they say no child is a favourite – do you have a favourite seed or two from all your research, and what is it / why?

  12. Does it make you sad to see how seeds are being manipulated these days in the name of ‘progress’?

Other helpful links?

Get Carolyn’s book SEEDS here 



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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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