Smokey Brain Boosting Mayo

Our brains are made of fat and need a great variety of healthy fats to thrive. Most commercial mayo is terrible, packed full of highly processed vegetable oils, additives, overly sweet and often also containing flavours and even colours – hardly the brain booster we’re after!

So… we need to make our own mayo and it couldn’t be easier despite what you think – I used to find it this elusive thing that I’d never be clever enough to make and my grandmère made the best one that in Mauritius, we often eat with cooled, steamed squash at dinner.

Make this with or without the hot sauce component – both ways are delicious. And you’ll see down the bottom, I’ve added the option of lengthening it to make it into a creamy dressing. We absolutely love this variation with shredded purple cabbage and Ocean trout as a delicious summer dinner. You decide!

Let me know how you go

Alexx x

Smokey brain boosting mayo recipe

Prep Time10 minutes
Total Time10 minutes
Servings: 1 group, one sitting



  • Get your stick blender assembled.
  • Crack and separate out your two egg yolks and place into a narrow jug
  • Crack and separate out your two egg yolks and place into a narrow jug with the fresh lime juice and sea salt
  • Stick blend these for 30 seconds
  • Then add each of the fats in two stages - ie, 15ml / 1/2Oz at a time, stick blending on high for 20 seconds at a time before adding your next little drizzle
  • Then pop in your smoked chipotle and sweetener of choice and do a final blend for 5 seconds. You're done. A delicious thick mayonnaise for spreading onto bread, serving with mets or falafels or dipping crudité into. Enjoy!
  • Option for a creamy dressing variation: Add 15ml / 1/2Oz more of each of the oils, 2 more pinches of salt and the juice of a whole lime to the above for a further blend of 20 seconds, if you want a longer, thinner mayo-style salad dressing.

Luscious and delicious and so nourishing. I hope you love it x

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      All together at once Mel or eggs first then as instructed in the recipe? I’ll add a note if you try it and it works that way so other TM peeps know to cut those corners x

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