Super Simple Salmon Cakes

These super simple salmon cakes really are a great and easy recipe and we adore them. If you’ve done our Real Food Rockstars e course you’ll be well up to speed on the negative aspects of farmed salmon, so to get your salmon fix and all the Omega 3’s and calcium from the bones in tinned, wild salmon, these salmon cakes are perfect – not to mention super easy on the budget! Double it up and freeze into ready-to-go cakes for a time down the track where the day doesn’t offer you any prep time whatsoever. You could also pop into the lunch box cold the next day if your kids fancy them. I love a couple on a bed of salad for a super quick prep solo lunch!

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Here above, pictured with a simple salad is the most common way we enjoy them. Or it could be served with your preference of pasta, rice or cauli rice and a sauce made by blitzing a half bunch of kale, then stirred with 50g melted butter and a couple of pinches of sea salt. Do not fear quality butter. It’s real food and helps with fat soluble vitamins A, E, D & K absorption as well as slowing down starches as they turn to sugar in our bodies 🙂


Leftovers tip: If you need to serve this again a couple of days straight, make a simple coconut cream, fish stock (1 part to 6 parts) and sea salt soup and roll the salmon into smaller, round little balls, poached in the soup for 4 minutes with a few chopped greens and garnished with coriander and optional chilli. Yummy!

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Super Simple Salmon Cakes



  • Pop zucchini in a food processor and blitz OR grate it. Then remove and squeeze out the water from them with a tea towel around it all- watery fish cakes aren’t cool, so really put your back into this step and get that water out!
  • Then pop in your purple onion, herbs, garlic cloves, salmon, coconut flour, eggs and salt into a large food processor or thermomix until well combined, then add back the zucchini.
  • Turn on frying pan to medium, with your oil, topping up with a little more oil if you strt to run low.
  • Chop some greens of your choosing – peas, snow peas, broccoli, bok choy, asparagus… and have them ready for steaming, when you pop your salmon cakes on.
  • Now grab salmon mixture and form 1.5 inch round balls and roll briefly through the flour to seal them.
  • Place them in the pan and flatten with a spatula, cooking 2 minutes both sides and popping in a 180C / 350C oven for keeping hot between batches.
  • The greens should be on at same time now, to have everything ready together and hot.
  • Voila. Once all done, pour the steamed veg into the saucepan, and add a good lashing of coconut oil or butter for vitamin absorption (and flavour!) and I love chopped mint through the greens with salmon, but you could do coriander, parsley or dill too. Serve to your hungry hoards. They’ll love it!

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  1. Thanks so much for this recipe Alexx! My family loved them. They had seconds and have been requested for the Kindy lunch box tomorrow. My girls suggested making them heart shaped so we pressed the mix into a heart cookie cutter – my husband couldn’t help but smile when I dished him up gorgeous pink hearts.

    1. Post

      Oh yay! And a kindy lunch box request… amazing what a tasty recipe + heart shaped cookie cutter can achieve! Am so glad you enjoyed them. Makes my heart sing!

  2. Mine went so mushy that I had to add lots and lots of assorted flours to it. Put chia seeds in also and put in fridge too to attempt to get it into some sort of state to be able to mold it. I think that I missed the step where you said to blitz everything and then add the zucchini back in afterwards an stir only NOT blitz! Bummer…having a bad day as my gluten free banana bread was also a disaster. Burnt on outside and gooey on inside. 🙁

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