This family went everything organic for 2 weeks

This is such a powerful little 90 second doco.

You can catch the article about their story here. I remember when I learnt about pesticides and we went organic with most of our food nearly overnight. It was our least financially able time. I was so affected by my new found knowledge that we just made it work.

We learnt the short cuts such as

  • using bones to make stock and veggie soups
  • using pan juices and fats to saute the next meal’s beginnings instead of ‘new’ glugs of oil or knobs of butter
  • ditching the peeler and eating those skins
  • using the cheapest stewing cuts to make casseroles
  • ditching packet snacks items and reinvesting that money into more nourishing meals etc.
  • Buying up on the 50% off organic meats and freezing them to use later
  • Joining bulk bin stores and buying up on their in store discount days.
  • To have fish that wasn’t super high in price, we bought tinned sardines and mackerel in olive oil and Paramount brand wild alaskan tinned salmon for making fish cakes super cheap and avoiding farmed fish to boot.
  • I realised also that you could save substantially per kilo at a market by buying strictly in season and also by finding a spray free purveyor who was transparent about their methods, but didn’t have certification, thus passing on that pesticide-free saving to the customer.

I have a post here from a while ago that has a few more ideas on organic savings tips.

Getting more organic / spray free produce into the basket should absolutely not be a tall poppy ‘oh, la di da you’re a food snob’ thing. It should be a united “what the heck is this stuff doing to our health and our farmers” thing.

Have you started increasing your organic food lately or did you ‘go organic’ overnight? What do you find challenging? Perhaps we can use the comments here to voice challenges, and share your best ways of saving money when buying organic.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. If you do some research on organic vs. non-organic produce, research indicates organic may not be healthier for us than non-organic.
    Just a thought 🙂

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