Want to halve your meal making time with one simple tip?

We’re busy. We’re all busy. Jobs, raising kids, making time to see friends and making time for ourselves (see? I put us last. We’ve really got to stop doing that!) So today I shared on Periscope a live look at my humble little kitchen and how to get the maximum return on your kitchen efforts. One little tip that literally slashes your time spent cooking in half.

The revelation you’re ready for? Cook two meals with similar methods at a time. Yep. if you’re not already doing this, it will change your life.

You have 22 hours left to watch it in my feed if you’re reading this tonight, 19th August. Periscope is a free app and I’m @Alexx_Stuart on there. All scopes drop off the feed in 24 hours. We’re having such fun on there and if you fancy setting up an account to be able to watch my little live scopes with tips and tricks towards a simple, low tox life, then come join me. Tap the screen as much as you want to give the video ‘hearts’. It’s fun and I can answer your questions live right while I’m there cooking.

So, back to today’s idea… think about it. Get two types of proteins happening – vegetarian or omnivore, it will work for all eaters.

Then, get two pots / pans out and chop and onion and get them frying in coconut oil or ghee or leftover fat from a roast.

Then add your proteins and start sprinkling in a couple of spices, dried herbs, fresh herbs, chilli, a few pinches of salt. Make it really different for both pots so you get interesting, different meals.

Then thin it out a little somehow – stock, coconut milk, tomato passata, water…

Then add a rainbow of a couple of veggies (I leave soft veggies like leafy greens, broccoli and zuchini for the reheat stage so they don’t go grey and overcooked.)

Then 150C/320F oven or small / low stove element for an hour or two until tender.

Pop one away for the next night and use one for tonight.

This afternoon I really put my little old stove to the test with a chicken dish, lamb and veggie curry and paté on the go all at the same time. It means easy lunches, easy leftover re-inventions and all meals essentially coverd now until the weekend. Just a bucket load of veggies and a little quinoa or soaked then cooked brown rice.

easy dinner

Please excuse the hideous photography. The message was too important to share to be phaffing around with cameras, lighting and lenses… you understand!

So I’m popping away the lamb curry to finish with green veg and 1/2 a tin of coconut milk as it reheats tomorrow night.

Tonight we had the chicken and I added steamed bok choy and broccoli.  On Friday the leftover meat will become the protein for veggie + chicken lettuce cups like this below, and the bones will all be used towards the next batch of stock.



Leftover chicken used for a san choy bow type of reinvention a couple of days later


Here’s a little graphic to pin if you fancy helping others discover this little idea…

cut time in half


Here’s another article I wrote years ago to help save time in the kitchen, too if you fancy reading that one.


And here are a few recipes of mine you can make at the same time as each other.

SLOW COOKED DRUMSTICKS with san choy bow reinvention


EASY SPINACH AND CHICKEN CURRY (can use any protein or eggplant would work too)




And any of my soups on the recipe tab under ‘soups’.

Do you cook this way already?

If you don’t you must come back and tell me how you went. Can’t wait to hear how you enjoy getting clever with time this way. It saves me on the busy weeks – a little planning and the right buying and you’re sorted.

Real Food. Happy, healthy people.

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