A wrap of the week and ‘top posts’ list for new subscribers

So, I forgot to press publish on a couple of posts last week that didn’t make it. Here are the links in case you missed them. A lil’ piece on  ‘Community’ and the other, my version of milo, making the world more delicious, one less additive-laden product at a time! Big apologies – I’m a veritable recovering luddite when it comes to tech.

Thanks to loads of new people signing up from my facebook page  where we’ve grown from 1000 people to 1,500 in 10 days – Amazing! With that, I put a little call out to those that were ‘new’ who might like to share what they were most interested in. A few of you asked for a ‘best recipes / articles’ list to get up to speed and I’m more than happy to oblige with this list below.

The tabs on the home page have loads of sub categories and over 100 recipes on there now, along with 40 articles. In the next month there shall be a resource list added and a couple of fab new features I can’t wait to share. I’ve also given my blog a little makeover. Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading, sharing and most importantly commenting and sharing your own experience with the recipes or changes you make – Those little comments, shares and likes make it so worth while to write and create more good stuff and put it here for us all to enjoy!

20 posts for the new and uninitiated!

My Real Food Manifesto

What makes the cut in your shopping basket? A beginner’s guide to changing your thinking in the supermarket 🙂

5 ways to low tox your life

Waste not, Want not

100 ways to use your scraps and left overs

There’s WHAT in my sunscreen?

Snacks – Ideas to escape the energy rutt!

6 ways to make your salad fill you up

Change the world with Every Bite!

A Food Revolution

10 kitchen shortcuts for the home cook!


A few most viewed recipes…

Christmas spiced semifreddo

I can’t believe it’s not slaw dressing

Decadent Coconut Ganache Tart

Easy fudge

Instant Coconut, Banana and Lime Ice cream

Cocoa Crackle clusters

Almonds 5 ways & How to activate

Crunchy Asian Cabbage salad and a flavour popping Asian dressing / dipping sauce

Easy snack bar

Cracking Cruciferous Soup

Organic Chicken Dumpling Soup

Real Fish Fingers







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