Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits. A must-bake item, come late April in Australia, when we commemorate the Anzac soldiers of the first world war. Could this be the only biscuit in the world created to commemorate soldiers? As my husband explained what Anzac meant and showed our 3 year old a picture of the soldiers, my lil’ guy said “So why do we remember soldiers with a biscuit?” and my husband replied, “We make biscuits to remember that guns are bad and biscuits are good.” Sounded good at the time, so we went with that…

This is a ridiculously easy recipe. It is wheat free and refined sugar free. If you want a recipe that is fully gluten free and fructose free to boot, check out my Anzac – ish Biscuits here.

Real Food. Happy Bodies.



p.s remember if you can’t do gluten at all or are worried about oats, I’ve created a delicious and crispy alternative. Click here.

And why not make yourself a luscious winter defense hot chocolate or warm spiced almond milk to enjoy alongside the bikkies?

anzac oats 2

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