Why can’t we all just get along?

In the land of food, there is so much debate. Everyone is trying to out do the other with their studies and findings. Once you peel back a few curtains, you find one too many vested interests and then anything you thought was true gets called into question. I honestly don’t believe there’s one way of eating for everyone. The universal thing we should all focus on is REAL FOOD. Minimally processed, high nutrient and as local as possible, and we’d all be spending a lot less tax money on health care. Within the realm of Real Food then becomes a delicious and very personal experiment.

Having a think about me for example. I can eat most everything by way of onions, leeks and chives, but garlic – it sadly drives my body into upheaval. I can’t eat gluten without turning into the size of a house overnight and forgetting my sister’s name, but Kamut (low gluten, probably why) is fine. I seem to be great with rice syrup, maple or coconut sugars, but not good with honey. I’m healthiest, most energised and best, when the majority foods in my diet are veggies and meat. I adore a little raw milk and raw milk cheeses such as gruyère and parmeggiano. They make me feel strong and brainy. Does that mean I’m on a Weston A Price diet? Does lots of animal protein mean I’m Paleo? If it does, it’s accidental. I’m drawn to elements of all food philosophies that embrace real food. There are wonderful things to learn from so many.

Fructose sugar inflames us and feeds yeast and bad bacteria. Most grains turn to sugar through digestion. These two things do put loads of pressure on our liver and our guts, so it’s essential to keep them both pretty low in the mix. That’s why you won’t see much of either in my recipes. I’m reticent to actually label my way of eating though, other than ‘REAL’, because in psyching people up to focus on beautiful, natural and real food, it seems like labels and name calling might not be the way forward. We need to strip away all the names and get REAL. Produce & Provenance – now there are the words I truly dig!

Do me a favour for your own sanity. Listen to your body. If something feels great, do more of it. If something doesn’t – with side effects like weight gain, joint pain, skin rash, heart burn, head aches, brain fog, crazy farts or yucky tummy – change something. Experiment. It’s incredibly easy to listen to your body when you switch off all the loud music out there.

Real Food. Happy Bodies.


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  1. Hi Alex completely agree … What in your experience could cause joint pain? I know you are not a dr but any foods or references that you recommend looking at would be great.

    1. Post

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for your note and nice to find a like mind 🙂 I’m not a doctor no, but am happy to advise from my reading and research. Joint pain signals inflammation in the body. First thing I’d try is ditching citrus and tomatoes if they’re significant in your food mix. Then is experimenting going gluten free. If you notice improvement but not a full result after those two, next get the sugar either drastically down or out. Keep to a little fruit and quality dark chocolate. Sometimes the night shades eggplant and potato aggravate too. Not everyone though. My mum in law had an amazing difference just cutting the tomatoey sauces and marmalade. Dr Ron Schmidt has written a fantastic little manual: Traditional Foods are your best medicine. Amazing stuff and a few osteo / arthritic chapters through there are fascinating. Hope that all helps 🙂

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