Show #100: Publisher Jane Morrow from Murdoch Books interviews Alexx Stuart




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And onto this week’s show!

One day with the exciting and looming ‘100th show’ being discussed, Elise my awesome assistant decided I should be interviewed for the 100th show. Awesome! But WHO? That’s when I thought who better than my publisher Jane who saw something in this whole ‘low tox life’ thing worth exploring for a book, and her bringing that curiosity on a personal and professional level to a conversation with me about the state of play in the world today, why I decided to start the Low tox Life in the first place, how I came up with the term ‘low tox’ that’s now everywhere, how I feel we’re going in the direction we’re headed and at the speed we’re headed? And a few other questions. I hope you enjoy the chat AND I hope you enjoy the Audience Q&A segment after my chat with Jane from all the questions you submitted in the newsletter call out – from teenage boys to IUDs to overwhelm to “what If I were to change just one thing” to “how to deal with cost / overwhelm / misinformation / will power… It’s all in today’s show. Thank you so much for tuning in each week, sharing the show with your friends and family members and feeding back the successes you’ve had and submitting 5 star reviews. You are the best audience to work for that I could ever have hoped for. Here’s to 100 more awesome shows.

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What questions do I answer from the audience?

Here are the most popular questions you guys asked in the survey “Ask me anything!” we put out last month.

  1. Is there anything that you’re finding challenging right now about leading a low tox life?

  2. If someone could only make one change to their current lifestyle, what change do you think would make the maximum impact toward reducing the tox load in their lives?

  3. How to get others on board the low tox life? How do we address the negative comments from relatives?

  4. Have you ever been pressured to stop educating consumers on how they can educate themselves on toxic ingredients and to be more mindful with their purchases? 

  5. Looking back at when you started your low tox journey, what’s the one piece of advice you wish you had been given at the time?

  6. I am new (as in 1 week new) to your movement, and really just don’t know where to start. I’ve ordered your book, so obviously that is going to help me when it arrives, but any place on your blog you can recommend as a start point?

  7. Is there any evidence on Mirenas (IUD) from a low tox point of view?

  8. What is the BEST, lowest-tox hair colouring product currently available on the market?

  9. I have listened to a couple of episodes where you mention the benefits of sprouts. I came across a big container the other day that I thought I could use for sprouts. Do you grow your own? Do you know Where you can buy good quality seeds?

  10. What kind of bakeware is safe, specifically for muffins and loaf tins? I recently replaced mine with silicone, but now have heard even this is toxic! True?

Other helpful links?

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Enjoy the show and thanks again for taking the time to rate and review the show on your app – it’s like tipping the bartender and it means the world.

Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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  1. Hi Alexx – loved this site I’d love to try this amazing range for my kids. My 6yo has tried several fish oil & vitamin d supplements & due to sensory issues we’ve never find one she can take. I would to give her something powerful, efficacious like Nordic naturals (as well as to up myself as I put so much of me into my gorgeous children that I get run down too). Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. I discovered you on the Toxic Home Transformation Summit, and I’ve been on a Low Tox Life podcast binge ever since, from beginning to current – SO MUCH AMAZING INFO!! I couldn’t resist jumping to ep 100 when I saw it land this morning, but I’ve only got 5 episodes to catch up on, so I’m swimming in info right now, but slowly beginning to implement what I’m learning. Thank you for an incredible body of work.

    I’d LOVE to win the Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil pack, cod liver oil has been on the list to support myself and my little boy, but hasn’t made it into the budget just yet so this would be perfect! Thanks Alexx

  3. Hi Alexx. I was diagnosed with RA almost 6 yers ahi now and the only supplement I was recommended was fish oil. I’m now at the point where I’ve tried soooo many with little or no effect other than fish burps etc as a result of not a very clean oil. I know Nordic is supposed to be the best so would love to give them a go

  4. I recently discovered the low tox life and am an avid follower

    I would love to win the Nordic naturals pack to help support me in my journey toward optimal health. Having struggled with autoimmune and gut dysfunction for many years and an eating disorder I discovered Functional Nutrition and the oils play a huge role in my recovery….. overcoming the anxiety around fats etc…..they form a key part of my healing journey but are oh so expensive so my use is intermittent, winning this pack would help me get on track.
    Love your work and all your knowledge bombs…..please keep the good works coming. Sarah xo

  5. Hi Alexx,

    It was lovely to meet you recently in Brisbane at the Avid Reader book shop. I find your podcasts so informative and easy to listen to. I have your book and cant wait to delve into it. Maybe tomorrow on our Brisbane Ekka show day holiday!

    I would love to win the Nordic Naturals pack. I feel like I am in a constant brain fog so would be interested to try the oil to see if it improves my brain and gut health.

    Thanks xx

  6. I am a ‘Low Tox ‘ convert and just love love your podcasts.
    Have also done your course, got your book, cook your recipes, refer to your website constantly, and trying to convert my friends and family!
    Have never tried Nordic Naturals brand so would be super keen to give it a go!
    Love your work Alexx !!!

  7. Hi Alexx,

    I’m presently doing Go Low Tox and listening to your amazing podcasts. This is info that everyone needs to know! I’m just loving learning about all of the health benefits but as a bonus I’m learning about the environment which is something until now I haven’t been passionate about.
    Also I love the fact that I can do this at my own pace and not feel guilty or overwhelmed about all the changes that I now want to make.
    So a big thankyou to you for all your education and resources you’ve made available. I love your new book and congrats on that too!
    Listening to what you had to say on the podcast about Nordic cod liver oil made me realise that this is what my family needs. In particular my husband who suffers from gut and brain problems which we’ve spent so much money to try to find answers. He’s getting there but it’s a lot of ups and downs. I feel this will really help him and us all in our overall and mental health.

  8. Hi Alexx, I would love to win this pack to help with my 7yr old daughters overall health and specifically dental health. She has had some issues so I have been looking into dental diets and healing teeth naturally, and have learned that she really needs the vitamins A and D that the CLO provides! She actually did take this brand a few years ago as part of her treatment for Pyroluria but it slipped off the list when the cost of all the supplements began piling up.
    I’m reading your book at the moment and hoping to see you when you come to Melbourne on the book tour!

  9. Hi Alex,
    Your podcasts are slowly changing the way we live, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the research you do so that busy mums like me don’t have to.
    I would love the Nordic pack, my son has Pyrrols, and gut issues, and many more. We have been on a journey for 6years trying to help him be a healthy,happy boy, this oil would be amazing for him.
    Also for myself as I have the genes for glaucoma and have been told to take the highest level of fish oil to help stop my eyes from deteriorating. I wold love to give these a go.

    Thanks again for everything you are doing. Looking forward to seeing you at you talk in the Library at the end of the month.


  10. Thanks Alexx, Congratulations on the 100th show and the success to date of your book, which I have! yah!!!

    I’ve lived a low tox life (though didn’t use that name) since the early 2000’s, following my mothers cancer diagnosis and death. I was lox tox in areas of household cleaning, skin care, organics but I have learned so much more over the years and with your help I keep learning and cleaning up my home, my body.

    Thank you so much for all that you offer. I really enjoyed the Thrive kids course, I got more from it that I had expected!

    I would love to win the Nordic Pack; be great for all our family

    Go you!
    With love

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