Show #98: Coach Jake Carter wants us to be well!


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And onto this week’s show!

Sometimes you come across people who you just feel in your bones are ‘someone to watch’ if what they’re able to understand and help people with now is at the level it is. Jake Carter is one of those people and I came across him from past show guest, Dr Carrie Jones. Jake shares how he came to be a body science nerd after experiencing injuries in his teens and going on to be a Personal Trainer, and then how that ignited a thirst for nutrition and an understanding of the many individual things that could be occurring for someone that means no ‘one’ thing ever fits us all, which then lead him to problem solving tough cases where other avenues had all been explored. His energy bursts from the microphone and into your ears and we talk lifestyle factors, health ‘hand breaks’, digestion, constipation and more in today’s show.


What questions do I ask Jake this week?

  1. You and how you came to be doing what you do today

  2. Where did the link get made for you between helping your clients reach peak physical condition in terms of their looks – ripped abs, huge armed… and their inner health?

  3. We bonded on instagram over a love for / need for sprouts in our day to day foods: What do you love so much about sprouts – their super power / function?

  4. Key investigative “Digestive Boxes to tick” if we’re not feeling like our tummies are working properly (whether that’s heart burn / reflux / gall bladder pain / constipation…)

  5. Questions will then come from that but probably will be around optimising bile / cultivating enzyme reactions

  6. The Physiological Prerequisites to Hypertrophy (Health as a foundational staple in order to optimise body composition)

  7. A lot of people are walking around with excess weight they don’t want. What do we need to set up for ourselves as a priority to actually be ABLE to lose the weight?

  8. Macros – we’re terrified of carbs one minute, terrified of fats the next: WHAT DO WE DOOOOOOO!????? Age stage goals genetics – surely it’s not one size fits all?

  9. How often have you seen excess inflammation hinder someone’s physical conditioning goals?

  10. Best strategies for calming inflammation so that we can get the best from our exercise and have it work FOR us rather than against us?

  11. What have you seen be the most effective forms of exercise for people – men / women / age / stage? Is there a baseline of core activities that works for all no matter what one then tailors things to?

  12. If there was just ONE thing you wish people knew more about for the betterment of their health – what would that be?

  13. And we’ve talked about A LOT but a challenge for you: if we could do just 3 things after today’s chat to move forward in our health: What would you pick as the biggest impacts?

Other helpful links?

Get familiar with Jake’s work HERE

You can find him on Instagram @coachjakecarter or Facebook



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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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