Show #116: Alexx Stuart shares the top 3 FAQs from the book tour and top 5 low tox swaps to make today


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A treat from this week’s sponsor…




Waters Co have been at the forefront of technology in water filtration since 1977 and have been creating alkaline mineral water filters from 1984 onwards. Their water filters remove up to 99.9% of known tap water contaminants: microplastics, lead, copper, aluminium and other heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, chemicals including PFAS, pesticides, bacteria, cysts, viruses. They offer a lifetime warranty in Australia.


And onto this week’s show!

This week it’s me chatting to you direct. No guest. I’m sharing the 3 most asked about topics from the book tour AND the 5 top recommendations I’ve made across the country in today’s show if you’re feeling a little lost or overwhelmed as to where to start or how to prioritise and not feel like you’re never doing enough – that ain’t allowed on my watch! Perfect for those newly embarked on their low tox way as well as curious to see if any old timers were surprised by what came up the most or what my top 5 were. I’ve just completed 42 book tour events (I think in the show I said 29 – I physically just counted them in my diary and it was 42 – thank you to all who came!) and across those 42 events, I’ve insisted we take at least half an hour to take community questions and see what people are really feeling tricky, challenged by so that it’s not just me talking AT people but we move forward and solve the big challenges in our community TOGETHER. 



Helpful links:


Food related: Sustainable (Netflix)

Environmental toxins: The Human Experiment and Stink



PDF: report from Swedish scientists talking about impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals on marine life


Blog posts

My Whole Mould / Mold Story written out for you – a chronological look at the last 8 years.


Podcast shows:

Show #46 Michael Antoniou on Round Up / Glyphosate and GMOs.

Show #55: Sandeep Gupta on CIRS

Show #57: Alexx Stuart on moving from a water damaged building

Show #75 Cate Burton on candles and wax products.


Online courses:

Here are the two courses I mention in the show. Mold illness made simple is specifically for mold / CIRS inflammation. Our low tox life course “Inflammation ninja” is a broader course on inflammation helping you identify your triggers, sources and get healing faster than often our medical model allows. Through my own experience of inflammatory illness, I wanted a resource that I would LOVE to have found, when all the crazy symptoms started coming on.

Mould illness made simple online course

Inflammation Ninja course by Low Tox Life


Low tox swaps:

Wool pillow from Blessed Earth

100% latex pillows from The Natural Bedding Co

WaterCo water filters

Check out The Wholefood Collective for great deals on organic pantry staples.

You can find plenty of great options for no nasties body lotions on Nourished Life or any of the shops we’ve linked up on our “SHOP” tab here on the website. 



Enjoy the show and thanks again for taking the time to rate and review the show on your app – it’s like tipping the bartender and it means the world.

Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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  1. Thank you Alexx! Thank you! THANK YOU!! I could almost cry – you have made my year! (in many more ways than just this!)
    I’m am so happy, I cannot wait to start using this amazing water filter.
    Thanks again for everything that you do, and for steering me towards the best Low Tox Life I can lead.
    Lots of love, one big virtual hug!! xxx

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  2. This came at perfect timing, I’m looking for a low tox option for a new pillow on recommendation of my osteopath! I’m checking out your recommendation, I also came across which looks great too – any comments on that brand? I noted that they sell 100% certified organic latex, 100% GOLS and GOTS certified, 100% compostable, and certified carbon neutral – almost seems too good to be true lol!

  3. This came at the perfect time – I am looking for a new low tox pillow on recommendation from my osteopath! I’ve checked out The Natural Bedding Co, and I’ve also come across which looks great, including 100% certified organic (and no chemicals added to the latex), GOLS and GOTS certified, certified carbon neutral, and 100% compostable – almost seems too good to be true! Any comments on this brand?

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  4. Thanks for another great podcast Alexx! Just wondering who does a natural toothpaste that still has fluoride (as mentioned in podcast) – as my dentist has strongly recommended but been using natural for years and really don’t wanna go backwards! Cheers.

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