Show #121: Summer Series…winning at sleep


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A little bit about this show…

I wanted to start this year with a couple of mash ups – what I’ve called the Summer Series. The first topic I wanted to revisit is SLEEP. I’m really excited about the three x 20min chunks I’ve extracted from past episodes to bring you an overall picture of how to be a sleep ninja! Hopefully this show and what these three guests bring to the table in the sleep discussion helps you move further along if you’re not a great sleeper. There are a lot of things we can do to sort that out!


A little bit about our guests…

Dr Fiona Kerr

Dr. Fiona Kerr is a prominent thought leader in the fields of social cognitive neuroscience (SCN) and human connectivity.

She combines an industry professor role at Adelaide University in Neural and Systems Complexity, with public speaking and consulting to companies, industry and governments on how leaders build better brains and businesses, artificial intelligence and the neurophysiological impact of humans interfacing with both humans and technologies. She also appears regularly in the media (including ABC Radio and TV and SBS Insight) to delight people with accessible science.

Fiona advises a number of Australia’s largest companies on how leaders can create organisations that flourish, and has spent time with a number of fascinating organisations including the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil. She has consulted and collaborated for many years with governments here and overseas on building creative democracies and innovative ecosystems.

If you’d like to listen to the full podcast episode with Dr Fiona Kerr, click here: The brain with Dr Fiona Kerr. 

Find out more about Dr Fiona Kerr here:

Dr Ron Ehrlich

“Dr Ron” as he is affectionately known, is one of Australia’s leading holistic health advocates, educators, a podcaster and an author, with over 35 years of clinical experience during which he has developed a holistic approach to health and wellness, as well as a comprehensive model of how stress impacts on our lives. Empowering individuals and organisations is his passion.

Dr Ron is in clinical practice and continues to see patients at his group practice, the  Sydney Holistic Dental Centre in Sydney CBD.

In 1996, Dr Ron gained his Fellowship in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (FACNEM). He has served on the Board and is a former Vice-President of the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM).

Dr Ron is also co-founder and board member of Nourishing Australia, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to informing, educating and inspiring people about the critical importance of healthy soils, nutrient-dense foods and sustainable farming, bringing together principles of holistic healthcare and holistic farm management for the health of people, communities and ultimately, our planet.

If you’d like to listen to the full podcast episode with Dr Ron Ehrlich, click here: Dr Ron Ehrlich, a dentist passionate about sleep.

Get a copy of Dr Ron’s book “A life less stressed” HERE

Find out more about Dr Ron here:

You can follow Dr Ron on Instagram @drronehrlich or on Facebook


Alex Fergus

Alex has a passion for improving health and fitness. He grew up in New Zealand participated in a lot of sports. He represented his country in Rowing, won national bodybuilding titles and broke powerlifting records.

His mission is helping you transform your health & body to not only look amazing, but to feel amazing as well!

If you’d like to listen to the full podcast episode with Alex Fergus, click here: Be a sleep ninja with Alex Fergus.

Everything you need to know about sleep is in Alex’s course Sound Asleep 

Find out more about his work here:

Get the blue blockers here!

You can follow Alex on Instagram @alexfergus_coach





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Low Tox. Happy us. Happy planet

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