Show #191 – Alexx on what to look for to avoid water damage when choosing a home


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So you want to avoid water damage and mould in a new apartment or house: What do you do? In this show, I talk about some of the things I’ve been finding and looking for as my family looks for a place to live. There are tips and tools in this show to help you identify a potential issue either in your own home or a home you’re considering moving into and it’s my hope that after listening to this show and taking a look at some of the past shows on mold illness and water damage, that we raise awareness on just how important it is to keep an eye on issues with leaks and drips, the state of our rooves, the way water pools when it rains and start building and demanding healthier houses and maintaining them well for healthier people inside them!

Framework for the Discussion:

My personal house-hunting journey – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly as I find clues to water damage or bad building quality while house hunting in Sydney, Australia!

You’ll learn the top things to spot to know whether a place is water damaged and what to do about it if you own the property and what to avoid if you’re house hunting to rent.

The better we maintain our buildings the healthier we’ll be and the less our homes will cost to remediate with major repairs down the track.

Additional learnings in the following podcasts:

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Show 55 with Dr Sandeep Gupta, one of Australia’s foremost physicians treating people with suspected negative health effects from mould/mycotoxins/water damaged buildings:

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      Thanks Louise – So important that people realise + learn what they can do as well as knowing when they need to bring in a building biologist, right?

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