Show #235 – Alexx Goes Solo with Low Tox Guidance & FAQs


Love our new show tune in the intro/outro? It’s talented Australian independent artist Melanie Horsnell’s song “Birds”. So proud to support this wonderful Aussie artist and have her grace the show with her wonderful words and song!

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And on this week’s show!

This week I’m talking about how to lead a low tox life and some of the guilt/shame snags people hit as beginners or when perhaps you’re overwhelmed along the way. I take a look at some of the considerations as we move through our own personal journey becoming more aware of food, body, home, and mind, and sometimes the weigh ups aren’t black and white (actually they hardly ever are!) and how to navigate that to feel more empowered as we all simply try to do the best we can. I also cover some FAQs I get from the DMs and emails about mold / CIRS, EMFs, body products, and more. I hope you find the show useful.

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