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Thanks so much for coming along to my talk. It was great to meet you guys and spend the time together and chat to a few of you afterwards! Here are the follow up notes for you from our session:

3 keys to overall optimised health through food

  1. Making whole, real food the cornerstone of your diet, whilst at the same time NOT WORRYING about what you eat once or twice a month when out and about. It’s your everyday choices that maximise your health, not your ‘couple of times a month’ choices.
  2. Thinking VARIETY, VARIETY, VARIETY… always getting almonds? Get a different nut each time. Always getting carrots… move through pumpkin, sweet potato. Always getting rocket leaves? Get lettuce mixes, baby spinach, iceberg… and so on. Having grains at breakfast lunch and dinner? Switch out to a protein / veg combo, halve your grains and double your veg. Add healthy fats to increase satiety, and reduce your portion size (thus making it less taxing on your system to ‘get through’ high volume meals). Quality not quantity is true of food too. Variety is missing from the modern diet, so when you make it a focus, you boost your nutrient intake BIG time.
  3. Learn what makes you feel good and take stock of your meals. Do annual bloods with a naturopath if you have any health issues or if you’re over 35.

For peeps wanting to try spray-free / organic fruit and veg delivery, and pantry staples delivery – chat to each other. You never know who’s done some legwork!

  • The Naked Butcher was mentioned that they deliver to Karratha.
  • Protein powders – 180 Nutrition is the best I’ve come across, and it’s a vegan option.
  • Tinned fish brands: Fish 4Ever and Good Fish. Available at most health shops online.
  • The Wholefood Collective is a brilliant new online store, that you get a membership for, where they add stacks of free value for you and for that membership, you get around 30% off your pantry staples, all year round. Here’s the page to get a membership and here are my top 6 items from there (the prices there show the nonmembership prices fyi) . lainin and her husband have been working so hard (amidst 5 kids – I don’t know how either!?) on getting this up and running to save Australian families money on their pantry staples. Proud to support it!

Remember PRODUCE is better than products, whether it’s organic or not. Produce is the top priority. Integrating organics usually comes later BUT, if you’re ready to start moving towards more organics in the mix:

  • Start with your top 3 high volume grocery items so you can feel like you’re kicking goals from the get go.
  • Here’s my post on some more organic savings tips. Many of you mention that your kids are ripping through the produce at lightning speeds, remember – nutrient density and variety is equally important.
  • Here are my follow up notes from a nutrient density workshop I often do for corporates. Lots of links in there.
  • Here’s a post on efficiency and speed so you don’t feel overwhelmed in the kitchen.
  • 14 ways to Nourish you UP – a post about increasing nutrient density I did.
  • A PDF I created for you guys called “WHAT CAN I ADD?” to up the nutrient variety in your meals and reduce cravings.

GMO Study by the amazing Professor Michael Antoniou, whom I met with in London and was lucky enough to see the study taking place.

Whole Soy Story – A great book on soy, telling it like it is – especially the GMO form, of which 90% of the world’s soy unfortunately now is.

Podcast Link https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/low-tox-life/id1268912512?mt=2 – shows 46, 47, 48, 51, 53 are all completely food focused. 


“Low Tox Life” podcasts on iTunes to check out on food that relate to our health

MTHFR gene – great show on the importance of this gene to Folate metabolism (B9). Also B12 as mentioned with regards to the need for supplementing for vegetarians and vegans. THIS ONE is awesome. Less is more.

Heart Health with leading US cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra. Such a legend!

Deficiencies with Dr Leila Masson. A packed episode with information about signs of deficiency.

Sports Nutrition – eating right for the way you exercise with sports nutritionist Steph Lowe who’s a wealth of information.

…and plenty more shows where they come from!

Podcast Links https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/low-tox-life/id1268912512?mt=2 – shows 46, 47, 48, 51, 53 are all completely food focused. 

Other useful links

My site here of course, and pop to the ‘blog’ section for further various categories and ideas.

Documentaries to watch with partners or family who maybe don’t understand the need for better, whole and nutrient dense food (for the most part). Nothing is black or white and I still believe in going with the flow in social situations – we still eat Messina a couple of times in the summertime, or hot chips if out with friends where they are one of the sides. We don’t feel ashamed. It’s awesome food most of the time and we relax and enjoy the awesomeness of the situation other times.




And a brilliant podcast from Chris Kresser illustrating exactly how to think critically in the face of fear-based food documentaries – Be a vegan, vego, omnivore, LCHF or anything else for that matter if it feels brilliant for you, but don’t do it out of fear or ignorance. We pay a price when we do that whether it’s our health, or simply spreading misinformation.  LISTEN HERE.

Favourite Low Tox Shops?

Nourished Life, BIOME, Young Living (See Nicole Graves if interested in that area as she’s a distributor)

Enjoy ditching all the fake smells from around your home. Remember to avoid sites that make only mention of ‘key ingredients’ and ‘XYZ free’ without giving you the full ingredient list.

Work with me further:

Real Food Rockstars e course – Learn more about food, sustainability and food systems. My advice on how to shop, how to afford organics, and how to save time. There’s a wealth of knowledge from myself around waste-free living, safe packaging of foods, and preventative health through food, including interviews with 12 incredible expert interviews in various health practitioner fields. This is a ‘take any time’ e-course so you can start today if you fancy!

Preconception Ninja – Thinking about babies soon? This course provides the foundation and confidence you need to make it the best success possible!

THRIVE: Raising kids who love real food e course – Register your interest for the next round.

Go Low Tox E course – Ditch that nasties from your everyday life, registrations close Friday – end of the first week of the course.


Once again it was so lovely to come for the recent talk. Such a beautiful (HOT!) part of Australia I’d not seen before and I feel so lucky to have spent the time with you all thanks to Nicole. To see 50 people so committed to taking things to the next level in a remote part of Australia – I’m totally using you guys as an example of “If Karratha can do it, there’ll be no winging from you big city peeps!” Ha!

Thanks for being there and caring about your health and the planet’s health.

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