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Show #147: Beyond Mars and Venus with Dr John Gray

July 8, 2019

Show #146: Utopian community of Serenbe with Steve Nygren

June 30, 2019

Show #145: Nicole Bijlsma on the potential dangers of 5G

June 24, 2019

Show #144: Feeling in tune with yourself and the world with Guy Lawrence

June 17, 2019

Show #143: The End of Alzheimer’s with Dr Dale Bredesen

June 9, 2019

Show #142: Thyroid Health starts in the cells with Dr Eric Balcavage

June 3, 2019

Show #141: Breaking the habit of being myself with Alexx Stuart

May 29, 2019

Show #140: Perimenopause with Dr Carrie Jones

May 19, 2019

Show #139: Plastic Free South East Asia with Sarah Rhodes

May 13, 2019

Show #138: Anthia Koullouros on adaptogenic herbs, stress and the bigger clinical picture

May 5, 2019

Show #137: Dr Sherrie Campbell on cutting ties with toxic family members

April 28, 2019

Show #136: Charlie Arnott on Regenerative & Biodynamic Agriculture

April 21, 2019

Show #135: The Gut and its Microbiota with Dr Jason Hawrelak

April 15, 2019

Show #134: Kim Pearce and Kath Davis : The Possibility Project. Where sustainable fashion and community change meet

April 7, 2019

Show #133: Professor Alfred Poulos on The Secret Life of Chemicals

April 1, 2019

Show #132: Sustainable homes – from planning to building to renovating

March 22, 2019

Show #131: Mushrooms can shape a better future with Julian Mitchell

March 19, 2019

Show #130: 90 seconds to a life you love with Dr Joan Rosenberg

March 10, 2019

Show #129: Life in Flow with Kate Kendall

March 4, 2019

Show #128: Jewellery – the unshiny truth with Marc Choyt

February 25, 2019

Show #127: SHAME with Joseph Burgo, PhD

February 18, 2019

Show #126: Dr Jolene Brighten on the contraceptive pill and post birth control syndrome

February 10, 2019

Show #125: Supporting children’s attention spans with Dr Leila Masson

February 3, 2019

Show #124: In conversation with Brenda Janschek about parenting and food

January 28, 2019