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Hello, I am thrilled to be joining you for the upcoming lunchtime panel with Conscious Conversations, to talk about Practical Tips for a Low Tox Life – what we can all do towards making little choices around our daily life, the health of our homes and the state of our minds. I hope to see a few new faces over on IG @lowtoxlife @_alexxstuart and you can grab my book which does a thorough sweep of all the things via Booktopia

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Here is my little black book summary and a few extra bits that have come to mind, and if you fancy joining us in the Low Tox Club, you’ll get access to a lovely member’s space, 50% off all of our courses, a monthly Q&A with me and special guests and an online member dash with exclusive club monthly themed ebook, all for just $49 per year. Join the club here. 

A couple of my favourite safe places to buy non toxic beauty and lifestyle products online, both Aussie companies.

  1. Nourished Life  (Australia’s largest non toxic online beauty hub)
  2. BIOME (especially good for Australian focused brands)
  3. For overseas peeps Love Lula in the UK is fabulous as is Planet Organic, Naturalia and Bio C’bon in France and Wholefoods in the US are all great for your low tox needs.

We’ve also laid out a bunch of ‘safe stores’ over on our shop tab on the website.

A few other things I use and recommend if it helps!

  1. Food – I source from Wholefoods House in Rosebery, or from online for easy deliveries, Lettuce Deliver Organics, Ethical Farmers, Charlie Arnott through Shiralee Meats.
  2. For parents with kids who are finding food navigation tricky – I have a Fussy Eating resource that will change your life for just $49. And bye bye nasties additive-reducing course that’s super handy for beginners and parents. All of our courses are listed here. 
  3. Bar Soap – Make the change – brands I love are Dr Bronner’s, Weleda and Young Living for ethics/quality/low tox factor.
  4. Best self-tan brand  (Tan Organic is on that site too and new, and it’s fabulous as well!)
  5. My favourite deodorants – for the hardcore days Axilla (if you can get your man around to the idea of the paste, men love this one too! Zero stink factor!) and for every day Fresca I have used for years and love it
  6. Stainless and glass drink bottle options to ditch single-use plastic bottles
  7. Water filters – It’s a must at the very least filter out the chlorine and herbicide/pesticide residues. I personally have the Biopot 1000 from WatersCo. We love it. Their little mini Waterman is a trooper too if you’re on a budget.  The water actually tastes delicious. A great range here
  8. Air filter/dehumidifier – I have a Philips series 5000 filter/dehumidifier in the bedroom where I sleep to keep the air clean and humidity under 60% to prevent any mould growth. The Delonghi dehumidifiers are excellent, too.
  9. Hair colour – I use Natulique hair colour – 100% grey coverage. Vegetalement Provence in Redfern is amazing too for Sydney peeps and salons are starting to use more and more Natulique, Organic Colour Systems and Vegetalement Provence which is great!

Articles from my blog that might be of interest



Dr Bronner’s global logistics head talks ACTUAL sustainable, ethical palm oil. 

Biodynamic Wine with winemaker Vanya Cullen, WA

Teresa Coady – one of the most inspiring hours of listening if you love big picture thinking “Rebuilding Earth” 

Another great big picture podcast – Charles Eisenstein – Love, society, climate and nature

Dr Elisa Song on the Coronavirus – what we know we can do to support the immune system based on what we know about this novel virus

Acne with Asha Evertsz skin practitioner – AMAZING for adult acne/skin issues.  as was the follow up ep. 

Joel Salatin, Pioneering farmer who is reversing desertification and restoring soil health WITH animal agriculture – the story that often isn’t told is we need animal poop for healthy soil and healthy topsoil reverses global warming.


So many more shows and we have a by-topic directory you can find here – we’ve just celebrated 200 shows!




I hope this has helped you on your way to better choices for your health and for the planet! I looking forward to spending a little time with you, inching forward in a great direction.

See you on the socials,

Low Tox. Healthy People. Happy Planet.

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