Back to school – Ultimate low tox podcast and lunchbox inspiration!

Well, many thousands of Aussie parents are catching up to our Northern Hemisphere parents and sending our kids off to school for the start of the year.

I thought we could round up the most parent-focused podcasts we’ve done over the years, along with a few delicious recipes to inspire lunchbox ninja skills heading into the fresh decade.

Enjoy and feel free to share anything you’ve found inspiring in the parent space lately.

Low Tox. Happy Parents. Happy Life 😉

P.S – Don’t forget you then also have this Back to School Low Tox Love list from last year that I’ve read through and still find 100% applicable.

And our Low Tox Kids/Parent resource page with tonnes of resources/blog links/podcast links and a lil’ message from me HERE.




10 Great Back-to-school / Children’s Health Podcasts To Listen To:  


  1. Show #115: Maggie Dent on raising gorgeous boys
  2. Show #125: Supporting children’s attention spans with Dr Leila Masson
  3. Show #106: Feeling food-organised with planning queen and mother of five Nicole Avery
  4. Show #41 – Cole Clayton and Oral Myology For Kids 
  5. Show #85: Dr Elisa Song on modern childhood epidemics
  6. Show #7: Deficiency Detective – Uncovering and treating deficiencies
  7. Show #124: In conversation with Brenda Janschek about parenting and food
  8. Show #114: Katarina Wallentin on raising an eco conscious child
  9. Show #81: Dr Elen ApThomas on precocious puberty
  10. Show #83: LEGO’s 2030 sustainability targets with Tim Brooks

8 Great Nut-Free Recipes For The Lunchbox Daily ‘treat’

Chocolate Coated Buckwheat bars

Choose Your Own Adventure Lunchbox Bar

Crunchy Banana Buckwheat Bars 

Turmeric Movie Popcorn

Gluten, Nut and Dairy Free Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Save-The-Day Frittata Squares

Gluten-Free Banana Bread (leave the walnuts out for school lunches if it’s a nut-free school)

Simple Apricot Pepita Biscuits

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